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05-25-2012, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Aerial View Post
See, I sort of expect this upcoming season's roster to be fairly close to last year's -- my guess is 2013-14 is the year things REALLY change. Scheifele will likely be up full-time then, Antropov, Hainsey and Miettinen (difficult-to-move contracts that likely don't fit into the long-term plan) will be gone as UFAs or traded as playoff rentals, and we'll know what's happening with Enstrom by then since he'll either have hit UFA / been traded or been re-signed long-term during that offseason, etc.

Basically, I guess that this year they keep their eyes open, maybe scoop up a good deal if it comes up in trade or UFA, but are most planning to stockpile assets and keep space that will assist in an overhaul for 2013-14.
Agree'd, I think we might just be setting expectations low to avoid frustration ( i know i do). Gump: i get the feeling it's your opinion the true north is likely to try and remove everyone that doesn't "fit the plan" this off-season. is that true?

I'm just curious, and i'd be pretty excited to see it happen (off seasons can be dull without much action), but unfortunately it just doesn't seem realistic to me that it would get us anywhere.

I can see wanting to move the guys that don't fit for ones that do, but I don't have high hopes of the returns/replacements actually being upgrades, or even equivelents.

Depending on who you consider "not in the plan" I'd think their mostly the sort of "decent" spare parts, that given their contracts/performance/etc, aren't likely to bring back an equal talent level of "our type" of player.

I just don't think it would make sense to do it this year.
I'm going to jump to some quick assumptions as to a couple players we have that "arent ou r type"
Antropov(i'd debate this, i like antro)

Antro has a bad contract, but I feel he's actually an effective player. But with his recent production and cap hit, i don't htink you'll get a TNSE type guy that give similar numbers (big body, north south, hard to play against, 35+ point scorer) back for him, you'd get a downgrade that "fits our style".

Enstrom- one year from UFA and coming off a bad (relatively speaking) season. He's 1st pairing dman, but is he going to fetch a more physical first pairing dman? I feel what we'd be getting back is downgrade.

Burmistrov- a kid with high potential, good defencive abilities, but prone to bad plays in the ozone, and not exactly putting up amazing numbers. Furthermore, i'm not even convinced he's not a true north type of guy, obviously eh needs to work on his north south, but he hits, has good posession (over-possession sometimes) and is demon in his own zone.

Are any of these guys going to get us a replacement for one of the other two thats "our type"? The closest i could see is getting a burmi replacement for enstrom, but theres no way burmi or antro, or anything else we have will bring in the necessary dman to fill for that whole.

I don't know, i kinda got carried away their and started of train-of-thought typing. maybe i'll try and think of "comparable value"

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