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Originally Posted by beeker16 View Post
How popular is it in Sweden?
Same as coming to the states and seeing smokers in a bar?

I'm an ex-smoker who smoked 2 packs a week for 5+ years.
I miss it. Especially those Camel Izmir Stingers when they were available - it was my dessert cigarette.

I went to a focus group and learned more about snus to the point I wanted to try it. The samples I got were the real Swedish type and had warnings all over the packaging - "THIS PRODUCT CAN CAUSE CANCER," "THIS PRODUCT CAN CAUSE GUM DISEASE" etc.

Basically a few more direct warnings than any cigarette box would have. The manner in which they presented it on the box made me throw it out instead.

As for the Swedes here and non-tobacco users wondering,

There are two types of snus currently available in the US.
The first commercially available with wide distribution and marketing was from the major tobacco companies such as Marlboro and Camel.

Much like American Macrobrew beer, these are low quality, shoddy products that are mass produced for the purpose of maximizing profit per package at the expense of quality. You will see this snus at gas stations and stores right next to the cigarettes and chewing tobacco stored on a shelf at room temperature.

The REAL snus is imported from Sweden and is manufactured in a different way. It is much more flavorful and higher quality when compared to the Camel/Marlboro types and is in small refrigerators usually behind or under the counter. These are not available everywhere and are not heavily marketed. It's like Budwesier versus Breckenridge Brewery - which have most people heard of yet which is better quality?

I'll probably give it another try in the future.
That's just a European tobacco product thing, not a snus thing. Cigarette packs are covered in warnings taking up like 50% of the pack, always very direct in that manner and often with pictures, in Europe.

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