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05-25-2012, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by BigG44 View Post
Some news today about Justin Schultz:

McKenzie didn't address this, but many have speculated Schutlz would have re-entered the draft if he filed his paperwork on or before May 23rd. The idea is at 21 years old he's still draft eligible. However, as a college player, the Ducks have a 30 day window of exclusive negotiation to work with him to get him under contract.

Therefore if the 30 day window ended before June 22nd (the draft), the Ducks lose his rights and he'd go back in to the draft. Now, the 30 days is after the draft (during depending on the exact day) and he'll be an UFA since he'd be ineligible for next year's draft.

Point is like everyone thought all along the Ducks are screwed. This is a calculated move by the agent to avoid the draft and become an unrestricted free agent. If they had any intention of signing with the Ducks, they would have done so by now. The Ducks were offering to burn a year of his ELC so he became a RFA in 2 years. Now, with his new team, he's still required to sign a 3 year ELC.

I put Schultz in the category of difficult and unlikely to acquire yet not totally impossible ... just like Suter. All the speculation seems to have him going home to British Columbia or to NY playing with his friends and ex-Wisconsin teammates.
Just curious, if he were to have reentered the draft, any idea where he would've gone? I'd be stunned if he wouldn't have gone in the 1st round still, I'm just having trouble gauging where, exactly.

I know it doesn't matter, I was just curious about this.

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