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05-25-2012, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Dantes19 View Post
Your post is unbelievably idotic. First of all, pld has been on the board 10 years longer than you, and I'd bet he's been following the team longer as well. Yet, you seem to have no problem calling him a fairweather fan -- that's absurd. I know that he stuck by the team during the dark years because I remember reading his posts on here during the frustrating times. I can't offer the same proof for you.

Secondly, he already said that he had no problem with what Messier did prior to '97. Why does it seem that oftentimes anything other than complete Messier idol worship is considered heretical? He did some very ****** things after 1997, just as he did some truly amazing things during his time as a Ranger. One's ability to blindly worship Messier shouldn't be the measuring stick for how much of a Ranger fan that person is.
Board senority has nothing to do with anything. This isn't the Teamsters. I have been following these boards for years I have seen what goes on here. I don't need a history lesson

The utter disrespect people give Messier is disguesting, wether it be Ranger fans or Vancover fans. I don't think it's worth my time or effort to go back in time & relive who did what to who & what everones interpation to why Mess left or who pushed him out When we are faceing such a critical game tonight, but I will be more than happy to discuss it after the season in depth

I felt he disrespected Messier & I feel that he is wrong. That's it. You don't like what i'm saying than you & anyone else is free to block me.

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