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Originally Posted by TheJuxtaposer View Post
Heater's contract doesn't last until the end of time.

The point is, we can't assume that he'll still be productive, we can't assume that "someone will bite". There are plenty of directions that the Sharks could go in, and adopting someone else's failed franchise player is not the right one.

It's very possible to be a budget team and make some noise in the playoffs.

So the plan is to trade for Nash for two or three years and then flip him out? He didn't even score 60 points this season and he's at $7.8M. People are flipping out enough about Marleau's 65 point season at $6.9M, and Marleau has defensive play and versatility to boot. If we're lucky, Nash is a 60 point player at age 31. If we're only giving up Clowe, Niemi, and a mid first to get him when he's a 60 point player on this contract at age 28, what kind of return do you imagine we'd get back when he's 31 and on an escalating salary so even a Florida won't want him (Campbell type situation). Worst case scenario, we have Scott Gomez 2.0 on our hands. And he'll have an NMC, which further restricts where we'd be able to trade him. And if he's still buddy-buddy with Joe in a non-pressure market, why would he ever waive to leave?
Everything you post on this subject uses worst case scenario's, including Nash at 35 when he won't even be that age by the end of his contract. I get it. You don't think he's very good and he costs a lot and playing on the Sharks won't change any of that. He will quickly descend into mediocrity.

I think he might make a difference and not slide into obscurity. That's why I won't freak out if a decent deal is made to bring him here. I'm not a DW hater though and think he's an excellent GM, so I'm probably more inclined to trust his judgement, whatever that ends up being.


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