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05-25-2012, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by funghoul View Post
They do look good. We had those jerseys for so long its still weird to me that we don't have them. i remember how weird it was when we started in with the black ones. Last few years we've seen so many different jerseys i forgot how stable we were for so long. 25 years with the same set. i do like those winter classics tho. with the pants with the stripe. their cool. can't deny it.
The way I look at it... except for the 3D Logo one and this last Winter Classic one... all the jerseys have been an evolution and a sort of morphing and it has come full circle now. The Orange to black was only a big change because of the color and no the design... and even that was adopted in the evolution as it morphed into the Reebok template -- that BTW was a forced change in a way -- the original white and color jersey was tweaked to fit better in with the Cooperalls that was to be a long term thing, and then the black one was adapted from the orange to go with the flow of the popular color... Then the jerseys (white and black) were tweaked/morphed to fit into the Reebok template as orange as the Reebok style was kinda dictating... The way I see it, when it dawned on them that they didn't have to stay so close to the new template, and the retro trend was too difficult to ignore, they morphed back to the original with only slight modification in tint and for taking advantage of the state of the art in the ubiform manufacturing industry.

Anyway... that's how I see it.

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