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03-28-2006, 08:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Bugg
With a massive snowstorm looking as though it won't reach Edmonton, and warm temperatures throughout the week, it looks as though the outdoor season is almost done here.

I've been pretty sick all year, but I'm at almost 100% now. With tryouts next week for ball hockey, I went down to the local rink (Windsor Park). Initially I didn't have my skates with me because I figured it'd still be snowed in or slush. That wasn't the case. Except for some thick snow cover at one end and some pot holes, the ice was great.

It was my first skate in a good four months, and it started like any other for me- I look like a new-born deer trying to walk. That and I was avoiding brittle spots, so it wasn't much fun. But after about an hour, I noticed something: I could get around fairly well with small, quick steps. As I got braver, I began skating in a larger and larger circle. Everything fell into place- I've never skated like that before in my life. I could do everything- crossovers, turning, some stopping at lower speeds. For the first time I wasn't scared to just give it, and I was totally immersed in winging it around the rink.

Best skate I've ever had this year. I felt like a million bucks afterwards.

So, share your last outdoor skate of the year.

You are in Edmonton?

There is a Windsor Park too in Winnipeg. I skate there all the time.

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