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05-25-2012, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by NCRanger View Post
The question that needs to be asked is was this team as good as their record?

I'm really not so sure. They finished the last 18 games of the season 9-9, and finished the playoffs 10-10 against three teams they should be better than.

I think the style eventually wore these guys out. During the first 50 or so games, they had a fairly easy schedule rest wise, even taking Europe into consideration. Once the end of February rolled around, they were playing at least every night into the playoffs. The style of play took its toll on the offensive abilities of the team. I'm very interested to hear what kind of injuries these guys have and have hidden for the past few weeks.

Team reminds me in a lot of ways to the 2001-2002 Carolina Hurricanes. Not so much overacheiving, but relying on a grind it out style from Game 1 of a 82 game season + playoffs. Eventually the players just give out.
Terrific post; we need to change the roster a bit; get bigger, more offense, and try to make McIIrath ready along with Sauer healthy. That's for starters!

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