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03-28-2006, 11:53 AM
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The enjoying thing about all this banter (some of it very heated) between Kings fans and Predator fans is that not long ago, the Moderators of the Preds board here were chastized for having a different standard. One where we could post differing opinions on opposing teams message boards but would not accept as much on our own boards. We argued the point as laughable at the time but, since then, had not had concrete evidence to show the flaws in the original accusation.

That being said, we need to make sure we keep it civil. I've let it slide for now, but let this be a public warning. If your posts consist of nothing more than inflammatory statements with little to no insight or value, just leave them in your head. Most of you have been great so far, but there is a post or two in this thread that could easily be considered nothing but an attempt to inflame.

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