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Originally Posted by Yamaguchi View Post
They are Europeans (because their countries are situated in Europe) but are also called Eastern Europeans since geographically they are in the Eastern part of the European Union.

Currently I am living in London and I meet some Poles, Czechs, Latvians here. They call themselves Eastern Europeans.
You should stop because you are blatantly misinforming people with false, opinionated information that is mostly here say and what have you. I have been travelling through central and northern Europe since I was a child. I go back every summer, since I was a kid. I have close family in Denmark, Poland as well as distant relatives who've I've also met from Sweden and Lithuania (very cool that LaGu shared those facts about Lithuania and Vilnius, btw). Continentally, factually speaking these countries are central European. I hate for this to degenerate into an argument, but you are wrong. People you have encountered may have said they come from Eastern Europe (which woulf be particularly odd, especially for Poles, Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Czechs etc. to say... especially) but this is rare. 8 or maybe even 9/10 people you meet from these countries will either refer to themselves by nationality or say they "come from" central Europe

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