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Originally Posted by Uncle Rotter View Post
Idiotic article.
(1) How far does Russia get without their NHL players?
Would Slovakia even make the QF?
(2) Finland's 3 NHL forwards scored nearly 50% of their team's goals.
(3) 16 of the top 25 scorers were from the NHL.
As for Thoresen:
(4) 4 games against Russia, Sweden, Czechs: 1g 3a4 games against Italy, Germany, Latvia, Denmark: 6g 8a
(1) They would do well with or without em, because they play a defensive style of hockey.

(2) And what do u mean about Finlands NHL forwards? They scored most of their goals on PP. U cant have a first line that dosent score 5 on 5

(3) Or how about 4 of top 20 came from SEL or how about 5 of top 20 came from Norway blablabla. Or how about 3 of the top 20 were canadiens and That means that Norway for some reason is almost twice as good as Canada blablabla.... And I got another good one. Mads Hansen and Ryan Getzlaf both ended up with 2g 7a +6 , but Mads Hansen is a little better, because of Getzlafs match penalty My point is simple. I dnt get why so many people just watch the stats and then think they know whos best/worst etc.

(4) And whats ur point? Paul Stastny ended up with 1 goal and 0 assists vs Canada, Finland*2 and Slovakia. And Norway played better teams than the US. Its alot harder to score on a stacked Russian and Swedish team and how about the czechs. The czechs played like they always do. Defensive and boring.

So whats ur point? NHLrs are so badass, while the rest suck? I know what ur doing. U only want to prove how much none NHLrs suck and not talk about ur own "players". Marcel Goc didnt score for Germany. The danish NHLrs played terrible. But hey lets not talk about that. Lets talk about how lucky Thoresen was. I guess HolÝs also was lucky with his 1 goal and 4 assists vs Russia *2 and czech rep......

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