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05-26-2012, 05:52 AM
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Krueger was very important at the begining of his choaching time, and boosted the confidence-level of swiss hockey players on intern. level with his sheer optimism, and vice versus his selfbelieve was profiting enormously from the early success... he truly believed in this team... win-win situation

this went on till OG 2002 and the defeat against France.
after the heavy critics he recieved from swiss media after OG 02, he lost a lot of his early drive, and lost the big picture... still giving the same lame optimistic interviews, but his tactical actions showed clearly otherwise. his fear of losing has grown bigger than his believe in this team, and even more important his believe in the strengh of his own players.

So, he took away any liberties of the players on the ice. The only things the players were aloud to do were fighting in the D-Zone, and brainlessly bang the puck into an icing. (Imaging that nowadays when the defending Line has to stay on the ice)
A lot of players lost the interest (with good reason) in playing in such a system... He still had success from time to time (like OG 06) but most of the wins, though were based partly on simple heavy work, were mainly build on luck. (and very strong GK)

So, while he was very important for the first boost. He was hindering the development of the NT actively, cause of his unableness to integrate at least a bit of risk in his gameplan. It's a simple thing that is a general fact of life: no risk= no development

Simpson, now has the hard task, to bring this team a step forward.
Reintegrate the best possible players, give them some trust, when it comes to the constructive parts of the game, allow a real forechecking from time to time, but at the same time make them play a sound, systemorientated D-game.

It's a lot more complicate and ambitious, and therefore riskier gameplan than Krueger's. But if we wanna see our NT develop, we have to go this route... independantly from the results they gain the first few years. (and the Hockey Culture the team showed recently is so much higher than anything they ever were allowed to (or capable of) under Krueger)

Simpson has shown with the ZSC Lions that he's capable of doing that. (I mean the CL-Run has been the most impressive hockey I have ever seen a swiss team play... heavy forechecking, hard team work on D, smart decision making with the puck, superior transitiongame than any competition, some highlightreel goals, and the Cup in the end...)

The questionmark, that remains, is: Can he develop such a demanding system with a team he barely works with through the year? And will he get several chances even if the results show otherwise?

IMO, Simpson is double the coach Krueger ever will be.

And if Gaydoul and co decide they wanna go back to old solutions, just trying to survive anyhow on international level, I'll skip heavy-heartedly my most loved events in any sport (Hockey OG and WC), or I'll only gonna watch the Russians again (as I did in the 80's-90's when swiss hockey struggeld to keep their place in Division A)

Sorry for the long post

and off course, that's all just my opinion and probably far off the truth

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