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05-26-2012, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by StormCast View Post
It's obvious that Shero will only move Staal for an overpayment but a trading partner willing to do that must also have a defined, compelling need for Staal. Seems obvious enough but almost all of the teams that keep coming up - Chicago, Carolina, Detroit, New York - have other greater needs.

So without the compelling need why would they use the assets on Staal that could go to a greater need? I've seen the argument that Staal's combination of skills make him such a unique player, etc. but as good as he is, he is still a complementary player on all those teams.

It seems Toronto does have the compelling need and Staal is as close to a blueprint of what Burke likes in a forward. If Staal is traded, there's always the possibility that some team not being mentioned becomes the destination but the Leafs would seem to be the best fit of these teams mentioned so far.
Leafs yes. Carolina yes (although we know Rutherford has no interest in a do-over from his 2006 decision to pass on Shero's 'overpayment' counter). If I could figure out the mix of players, then I'd add Buffalo to that mix, Calgary too. And, frankly, if he wouldn't break their budget, then St Louis makes a lot of sense as a partner.

Originally Posted by edro View Post
Who from TO?
You are such a trouble maker.

Leaving aside whether Burke should or will do it (I think he will) and whether he'd pay what Shero will want in addition (I think he'll do that too), I would think that Kulemin and the 5th overall will be the starting point, in the same way that Sutter and the 8th overall would be the starting point with Carolina (again, leaving out the 'should' question and focusing on the 'if trade talks get serious' question).

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