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03-28-2006, 12:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Panasonic Youth
I just want to put together a small list, a sort of HF gospel if you will, of all the cliches that get thrown around this board regarding the Flyers franchise. After that, if you would like to make a comment on disproving each one that would be greatly apppreciated, that way we have avoid the irritation of having to retype six paragraphs for someone who thinks they have all the answers.

1. Goaltending
2. The Lindros Trade
3. Clarke Hates Euros
4. The Flyers Are Slow
5. Brashear Sucks At Fighting

2. For starters, Clarke never made that trade. Second, Lindros turned the franchise around in less than two years. He was a perennial all-star who very well could have been the most dominating player in history had it not been for injuries. He had the complete package but lacked maturity.

3. If BC was so against euros then why did over half of the 2003-2004 Philadelphia Flyers consist of european players? Why did he draft Joni Pitkanen (a Finn) ahead of Ryan Whiteney? The list could go on but the fact remains that Clarke only wants hard working players who won't disappear come playoff time, thus why he had such a massive roster turnover.

4. The only players that can be characterized as slow are Turner Stevenson, Donald Brashear, Derian Hatcher, Mike Rathje, and Chris Therien. Therien's not really a regular, and Stevenson was waived not too long ago so I don't get it. By my count that leaves us with three regular players with lead feet. Too many posters are looking at those three instead of Jeff Carter, Simon Gagne, Sami Kapanen, Keith Primeau, Joni Pitkanen, and Kim Johnsson; all players with excellent foot speed.

5. Donald Brashear doesn't fight nearly as much any more but whenever he does it's usually a decisive win. This year alone has him listed as 4-3-1 with the loss against Goddard being a toss up based on the fact that he drew blood. I'll repeat it again, he doesn't fight as much but when huggy bear get's mad you had better watch out.
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