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05-26-2012, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
My values aren't off, because for the third time I am comparing Jeffrey AND a legit top 6 winger vs Bolland/Sutter. Also, suggesting that Jeffrey can have the modest production in terms of points as these two isn't a bold statement. So no, I don't believe either is some major upgrade that makes moving Staal for either of these players to really be worth it.

Bolland HAS been injured, and this season when he played most of the games, he still didn't break 40 points. The biggest Bolland homer will tell you he is inconsistent. So again, tell me how I somehow devalued him?

You can also sing the praises of Sutter left and right, but trying to tell me he would improve the Pens roster more than having Jeffrey as the third pivot and a legit top 6 winger is comical.
Trust me, I understand your point. Take a moment to understand mine. Again, I agree with the premise and I've posted several times that the Pens best trading partners do not include Carolina or Chicago. And feel free to re-read the last line of my post, which you quoted in reference to a top 6 forward.

You devalued both Bolland and Sutter in much the same way many Pens fans feel Staal has been devalued. They are shutdown centers whose point totals are not going to reflect their worth. They are all also inconsistent point producers. Jeffrey is not and will never be a shutdown center and will not be a consistent point producer.

Though I agree that getting a top 6 winger is a greater priority, you are rationalizing your conclusion with misinformation - overvaluing Jeffrey and undervaluing Sutter/Bolland. Thus your values are off but I'm on board with the idea.

Originally Posted by KIRK View Post
Leafs yes. Carolina yes (although we know Rutherford has no interest in a do-over from his 2006 decision to pass on Shero's 'overpayment' counter). If I could figure out the mix of players, then I'd add Buffalo to that mix, Calgary too. And, frankly, if he wouldn't break their budget, then St Louis makes a lot of sense as a partner.
Carolina would be a long-shot but only because it's Jordan Staal instead of Jordan Smith. Without the Staal name, it'd be a non-issue as there are greater needs. Yes, Calgary is another that makes sense. St. Louis not as much in my mind though.

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