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05-26-2012, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
Staal's not integral, he simply makes the Pens a definitively better team than Kulemin or Sutter, which is why we'd like to keep him. We want to retain our very good players, even though we have a couple great ones. By the same token, we have no compulsion to deal Neal or Letang either.

I'm not sure what part of this is so difficult for you.
And that's a very short-sighted point of view, a position a GM would never take. Yes, having Staal for one year instead of Kulemin or Sutter in that same year will possibly make the Pens a better team (and yes, it is possibly since you simply have no idea how Kulemin/Sutter will perform for the Pens...or Staal next year for that matter).

However, it's not Staal for Kulemin/Sutter. It's Staal for Kulemin/Sutter+. And those pieces in the + make the Pens better in the future (and again, possibly next year depending on who's included in the +), which matters if Shero believes he can't keep Staal in that same future. He's not only thinking about next year. He's thinking about the many years afterward as well.

Again, your whole reasoning was that if the offer doesn't blow you away, you'd rather keep Staal for a Cup run and let him walk after that. My reasoning is "You've got Crosby and Malkin. If they're playing their best hockey, you could have Staal/Sutter/Jeffery/Bolland/whoever in that 3rd line role and your Cup chances are about the same." However, the advantage of trading for those other players instead of keeping Staal is you get more depth/a better future in addition to that great Cup chance.

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