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Originally Posted by stokes84 View Post
I'll tell you what he's not: a minute eating top pairing defenseman.

The best defensemen are the ones who play the most. They play the most because they are better than the guys who play less. This is common sense.

I know another way you can tell who the best defensemen are: if they are out ofthe line up the team is much worse. When Ehrhoff and Myers are out, this is a bad team. When Sekera is out, they carry on like normal. Pretty telling.

Sekera is a good mid-pair defenseman that can play against other team top players. Who's really the one with the agenda, the guy who is trying to put him on a pedastle as our best defenseman, or me for saying he's a solid mid-pair guy, nothing more or less?
based on the bolded, i take it that you thought Jaro Spacek was better then Toni Lydman?

You see, back in those days, It was Spacek-Campbell that got the most ice time, but it was Lydman-Tallinder that got the top matchups.

Which pair was the #1 top pairing?

the person ignoring all statistical facts is clearly the one with an agenda.

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