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Originally Posted by FreddieBisco View Post
QoC is not that IMPORTANT, just another stat that isn't an official stat and manipulated very easily. Chris Butler was 4th in QoC I guess Chris Butler is a #1 dman :
im going to keep bashing this into your head until you can comprehend it.


Chris Butler was USED as a top pairing defensemen in Calgary. He was Jaybo's partner. He was USED as a top pairing defensemen.

ALONE, QoC is NOT an indication of SUCCESS. It is ONLY an barometer for HOW a defensemen was used.

Butler was 14th in QoC (i believe you are looking at Corsi QoC which is based on shots not +/-).

QoC is meaningless outside of that, UNLESS you quantify with indications of SUCCESS within the role that QoC helps you DEFINE.

Hence, why stats like GF per 60, GA per 60, differential, Corsi, etc are used to quantify the SUCCESS of a player within that role

Sekera 4th in ESP for Sabres d-men only ahead of Regehr and Weber , two of the worst dmen in the league when it comes to offense.

Goals for per 60 on ice
1. Ehrhoff 2.85
2. Leopold 2.62
3. Sekera 2.51
4. Myers 2.47
5. Regehr 1.50
6. Weber 1.37

You are aware that a player can be a valuable contributor to offense without getting a point right?

A #1 dman plays a lot of minutes in all situations not 19 minutes a game. 178th in PPG for dmen, by the way there are only 180 starting dmen in the whole NHL
that clearly is YOUR definition... and im sure plenty of people agree with it. I, on the other hand, evaluate players... im not concerned with the semantical definition of "#1 defensemen".

Toni Lydman was a top pairing/shut down defensemen... he never led the team in minutes, and never scored a lot of points. He and Tallinder were the top pair/shut down pair. Campbell, on the other hand, led in minutes and scoring.

Sekera is playing the Lydman role
Ehrhoff is playing the Campbell role

Sekera wasnt drafted as a defensive dman he was drafted as an offensive dman and won the OHL dman of the year because of his offense, not his amazing defensive skills.
um.. who gives a ****? He's 26, and just had a breakout season as a shut down defensemen.

The fact he put up 13 points getting over 1 minute of PP time is pathetic. Sekera is one of the reasons our PP blew, is by having him ruin the PP. And for the best dman on the Sabres, it's funny he was 5th for Sabres dmen in SHTOI/G, but who cares about stats that matter, let's pull up obscure sabremetric like stats to prove how great our "best" dman Sekera is.
i realize that a few gaffes stand out... but the reality is, our PP generated MORE shot attempts, and LESS shots blocked when he was on it, than Myers or Leopold


Goals For per 60 of PP
1. Ehrhoff 7.23
2. Sekera 5.93
3. Myers 5.50
4. Leopold 4.52

Shots For per 60 of PP
1. Ehrhoff 49.0
2. Sekera 45.4
3. Leopold 44.4
4. Myers 39.4

Shots Blocked by opponent per 60 ON
1. Sekera 17.8
2. Leopold 26.0
3. Ehrhoff 26.3
4. Myers 28.9
Christian Ehrhoff was the best dman and it wasn't even close...
no, he wasn't. im not sure if you have a learning disability... if so i apologize for being repetitive

For Christ sake Ehrhoff was the only one to come to Millers aid Twice when he got ran and dropped the mitts, I'd love to see Sekera do that, Sekera is soft and would never fight and he doesn't hit.
i guess if you think hits matter, you should know that Sekera had more hits then Ehrhoff

Sekera is good playing sheltered minutes, play him 20+ minutes and see how bad he plays.
Matching up against Top Lines, and getting the most defensive zone starts is NOT playing sheltered minutes

Quality of Competition
1. Regehr +0.065
2. Sekera +0.038
3. Weber +0.002
4. Ehrhoff -0.004
5. Myers -0.013
6. Leopold -0.023

Off zone start %
1. Ehrhoff
2. Leopold
3. Myers
4. Sekera
5. Weber
6. Regehr

Ehrhoff led the team in offensive zone starts and was at the bottom of the QoC... that's what playing sheltered minutes looks like...

Sometimes you need to accept when the teacher is explaining that 2+2=4, instead of throwing a temper tantrum and insisting the answer is 3

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