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05-26-2012, 01:08 PM
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Isn't it interesting how by the end of the Cup Finals, almost all fan bases who made the playoffs and won a round end up feeling the same, except for the Cup winner.

If ur are a Yote or Ranger fan this morning, does the fact that you won Round 2 make you feel any different than we felt when we lost? Winning feels great, and losing sucks.

I think there a 3 levels of success in pro sports:
  1. Making the playoffs - clearly the goal of all teams and the consisent measure of success for the fan base.
  2. Winning one or more rounds in the playoffs - Its the satisfaction of winning a series coupled with the anticipation that you could win it all.
  3. Winning the championship - The Holy Grail of sports. Its extremely rare, even for the most consistently good teams, and when it happens, its cherished for life.

Since only one team wins it all, and it'll happen once every 10 years for the real good teams, once every 25 years for the average teams, and never for the bottom tier, winning it all can't be the ultimate measure of success. Its too rare.

Making the playoffs and winning one or more rounds is therefore THE consistent measure of success. You're good enough to make the playoffs, and you win one ore more rounds so you are good enough to win it all. Its the rational anticipation of winning it all that makes sports fun. Being "in it".

We're "in it". Until we win a Cup, we're an average team, however we've moved from Tier 0 - no playoffs, to Tier 1 - consistently making the playoffs, to Tier 2 - consisently winning rounds.

Experiencing the failure that began with "Game 2" is a privledge earning by achievingi Tier 2 status.

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