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05-26-2012, 02:46 PM
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Originally Posted by ChicagoBlues View Post
Not sure from where this is coming. Not a single member here has posted anything close to this. Just take a deep breath and realize that the St. Louis Blues are financially ****ed up. JD did his job. Thank you JD.

What I find interesting is that we now find out that in his most recent contract is an out clause giving JD a window of time to explore his opportunities if there was an ownership change.

In that regard JD does, indeed, have the opportunity to "leave". If the proverbial writing is on the wall, then he just might exercise his contractual rights.

Either way it will be an active force out or a passive de facto force out.

By the way, I love the avatar!
Haha...Wasn't talking to anyone in-particular, but if I could, I would say it to the new owner. I don't believe the job is finished, so they shouldn't mess with the hockey operations. If Stillman thinks he can make it better by saving that money it's his right. But if he's wrong it's a move that will weakening his team and then with this market he could be killing any chances for a real strong franchise. They have to raise revenue and a great team that makes deep runs in the playoffs is the best way to do that. I believe JD has had finial say like it's been reported and like he says anytime he's interviewed when the subject comes up. So with that being said is it possible he has stop a bad deal or two? Again there's noway of knowing if that ever happened but it's a possibility.

Now, I know this hasn't happen yet, and if he does cut or let JD walk and everything is just fine and they even become better. I'll admit I'm wrong, but at this point I believe this would be a mistake.

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