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05-26-2012, 02:28 PM
Fixing Rangers PP
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The Road to being a Champion...Why we all should have hope

Distraught last night as everyone here and couldnt sleep until 4:30 AM...I thought about how painful it was losing to our rivals, but more so the fact that we were so close.
After the loss, we all started talking about how the team overachieved, how we are all young, we lacked a pure scoring threat, however we have built a great foundation to go on for a decade hopefully.

Still, I reflected this morning and it made me realize, the eventual road to being Champion is never easy (obviously). But sometimes you need that tough experience of going deep in the playoffs, being close and even feeling the emptiness when you are right there to understand why we all need to come back the next time around and onward by giving even more than 100% when it counts the most.

Recent history has shown the Lows & highs in road to becoming a champion. For some perspective...
Lets take a look back after the lockout, we start with the 2006 NHL Playoffs
Ducks lose as the favorite to the 8th seeded Oilers (4-1 series) at the WCF...Crushing defeat feeling for Selanne

But they come back in 2007 to win it all

As the story goes...In the 2007 NHL Playoffs, the best team in the West that season Detroit Red Wings lost to the Ducks in a tough one (4-2) at the WCF

However, they won it all in 2008 in stellar fashion against the young Croby led Penguins

Coincidentally, the Red Wings opponent again in 2009 was the bit more experienced Penguins, and they came back and found satisfaction in avenging their series loss with Marian Hossa finding himself on the wrong end back-to-back times

That season the young 2009 Blackhawks were on the wrong end of the Red Wings in the WCF (4-1)

But that off-season they made a surprising move in signing the recent two time SCF loser Marian Hossa who helped that 2010 season win the Cup with that young core against the Flyers

That 2010 NHL Playoffs had one of the most painful series losses for the Boston Bruins who lost 4 in a row to the Flyers in the 2nd round

In 2011, fate has it that the Bruins avenged their loss playing against the Flyers in the 2nd round with a honest sweep and going all the way to winning the cup last season

In 2011 NHL Playoffs a young Rangers team lost in the 1st round to the Capitals, in the 2012 NHL Playoffs this young Rangers team got a year older beat the Sens, avenged the Caps loss and went to the ECF only to lose to our rivals
(sorry for posting this )

The moral of all this is simple, each of these teams suffered emptiness, but fought back right away. Each of these winners built a strong foundation primarily around youth who learned and came back to win it all.
This makes me feel and hopefully some of you that there is hope.

In the 2013, the Rangers......

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