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05-26-2012, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Giuseppe Sallo View Post
Not enough italian, portuguese, russian and german players. Bet you if we singed played overseas, this team would be #1.

Btw, Winter sucks at putting out a good tactical team... every game I see the same crap.
theres more money in Europe even in alot of the 2nd tier leagues then in the MLS which only gives you 3 DP which we've used 2 on Korvermans(Dutch) and Frings(German) so those guys are not gonna come to NA to play when they can stay home and make as much if not more money and play in a better league. so I don't see where your coming from.

one thing I will say about Toronto is that part of there mandate imo should be to develop canadian talent and atleast there doing that giving I believe 7 players playing time this year compared to Montreal and Vancouver who have a combined 2 players playing any minutes that are canadians.

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