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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
dammit LDS... i just spent 10 minutes putting all the same stats/arguments together!

well done

the point about shift time regarding Sekera and defensive zone starts is a perfect combination of stats that show how big his role was and how successful he was at it.

i think that it would be a mistake to judge the Sabres that way. This is how Lindy Ruff plays the game.

What do you want to call the #1 or top pair? the guys who do the heavy lifting defensively, or the guys who get the offensive role?

Do you think Spacek-Campbell were the #1 pair, or Lydman-Tallinder?

This is not new... this is how Lindy ruff does things, it doesn't mesh with the generic top minute defensemen=#1 defensemen... it never has

Myers was 5th in QoC, he was sheltered from the top competition on purpose, can you really call a guy that is protected like that, your #1 defensemen?

Myers was used as a 1st pair defender in his first 2 seasons, this year, he was protected/sheltered from that responsibility.
I think it's going to be hard to ever argue conclusively who was or wasn't the #1 D-man the past season simply based on the division of roles and ice-time...but if you are going to use an ice-time based argument for it, then Myers should be the guy based on the shift count IMO. If the argument is you put your best defender out the most...well Myers was put out the most. Simply pointing out that Myers should be considered ahead of Ehrhoff for the "#1 D-man" role.

To me, and this isn't a perfect comparison because of stylistic differences, but it's the best one I got, is to look at the Penguins cup winning defense. Sekera plays more of the Rob Scuderi role, Ehrhoff more of the Gonchar role. Gonchar might have gotten the stats, the glory, etc...but without Scuderi, he doesn't get the Cup.

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