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Originally Posted by DocWest View Post
Sweet raptor jesus the Devils fans are a sensitive bunch for a franchise that already has multiple Cups. They are all mad that our fanbase is confident in the Kings. Looks like we've got to deal with haters until the very end. So be it.
I don't think they get where we are coming from, pertaining to this season and the endless decades of a winless franchise. I respect Devils fans, but this is a quick breakdown of what is going through my head (been a Kings fan since 92, when I was a little kid):

1. We have been supporting this team through some very lean years. We deserve this, as a fanbase.
2. The pre-season and regular season were ****, for the most part. The last 20 games of the season gave me hope, but when you head into the season with your franchise #1 d-man holding out for more money/more years, it already puts a bit of a damper on the season.
3. We SUCKED under Terry Murray. It drained the life out of the players, to play such a bland, boring type of hockey, and it killed the fans in the process. We've lost so many 1-0, 2-1 games during the season that it drove me nearly to tears a few times out of frustration. (Drove me to drink for sure.)
4. Gags going down, the team being inept at goalscoring, Doughty looking overpaid and lackluster, the third and fourth lines being big weak spots.

For most of the season, the bright spot was Quick and Quick alone. Then, like a breath of fresh ****ing air, we traded for Carter and the team started shaking off the old and adjusted to Sutter's more uptempo system. Sutter was a breath of fresh air, the anti-Murray in every regard. He holds players accountable, demands each one is ready to go, and puts them in a position to succeed.

Like, the last twenty games of the reg. season plus the playoffs have been a wonderful experience. This was turning out to be one of the lowest seasons I've ever had as a fan (we came in with such high expectations), and the reward has been so sweet up to this point.

Sure we are overconfident as **** right now, but I still respect the hell out of the Devils and pray that we beat them. We have gone through every adversity pre-season to reg. season, and I hope that this is the team of destiny that they look to be. So many things going wrong throughout the ride, and yet we are still here.

May the best team win.

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