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Originally Posted by LoveDaSwords View Post
I think it's going to be hard to ever argue conclusively who was or wasn't the #1 D-man the past season simply based on the division of roles and ice-time...but if you are going to use an ice-time based argument for it, then Myers should be the guy based on the shift count IMO. If the argument is you put your best defender out the most...well Myers was put out the most. Simply pointing out that Myers should be considered ahead of Ehrhoff for the "#1 D-man" role.
it's hard to argue #1 defensemen without a definition of #1 defensemen.

I dont for a second believe that Myers was the "#1 defensemen" because he had 2 more shifts per game then Sekera, while Sekera had top competition and top defensive zone starts on his resume.

they are called DEFENSEmen for a reason

To me, and this isn't a perfect comparison because of stylistic differences, but it's the best one I got, is to look at the Penguins cup winning defense. Sekera plays more of the Rob Scuderi role, Ehrhoff more of the Gonchar role. Gonchar might have gotten the stats, the glory, etc...but without Scuderi, he doesn't get the Cup.
I made the same comparison a few weeks ago (sekera to scuderi). I think Sekera is better today, then Scuderi was with the Pens

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