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05-26-2012, 04:56 PM
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I picked up a T1 in the P08 curve as it looked to be a P91a with more toe. After using it in stick time, pick up and then another pick up, it is the most comfortable I have felt with a curve. Shots stayed low using the same mechanics with the P91a. The big difference was I liked to take snappers using the drag from toe to heel and with this curve I could just snap the wrists and send one. I adapted a a more comfortable release that delayed the goalies reacting. Being a able to shoot off the toe whether pulling it in close or just snapping one in stride is huge.

Slappers came off well from the heel as I am used to and I had a few toe drag moves though I am still not used to the motion.

I liked the Sakic curve for the pocket, the Staal for the heel and sweetspot and the P08 for both and the snapper off the toe in stride.

As I first used it, only a few went high which was no different from the Staal/Drury, but as I continued, everything was crossbar or lower.

My only regret is I dont have another in case a freak break happens because of how comfortable I was today.

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