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11-25-2003, 01:15 PM
Guy Caballero
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Originally Posted by montreal
What a bunch of crap@! Great he's happy with the team that plays like **** one night, and good the next. But why bring up Ryder and Ribeiro? They are the least of our worries. Hey Gainey what about focus on how Perreault doesn't work hard in his own end, how Audette floats around and seems useless out there, how Sundstrom looks like he should be wearing a sign on his back that says "I'd rather be fishing". Or how about the Rivet that gets the fat contract, then goes on to be the teams lowest +/- by far, or Quintal who looks like he's made of glass now, or the Theodore who shuts out a team one game, then gives up 4 goals the next game.
Gainey is putting his team at ease; that's all. Just like he did with Brisebois. Sure, we love to ***** about Yannic's disappearing act and Rivet's clutziness, but would it do Gainey any good to say, "We are buying. Rivet, Perreault, and Kilger are all on the block." That's not Gainey's style. That would do little but disrupt the dressing room. We will see a trade this season -- I'm sure of it. This team is unbalanced, and everyone knows it. But we won't see it coming.

Gainey, however, is not the kind of GM who placates the fans and media by promising them big moves. He's the kind of GM who thinks, "I know what's best for the team better than fans or media." And he does, as much as we like to think otherwise. Look at what he's done with Brisebois. Bottom line is that he could be on the phone every day making inquiries and we wouldn't know it, nor should we.

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