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Originally Posted by Wildturkey12 View Post
What do you do about the guy who barely moves but stays on the ice forever? We call him the Human Statue. When people bring it up to him he says he is just out there to have fun, which I am all for but it is getting to the point now where some of our better players are running into him out there and whoever shares the wing with him loses ice time. If you cant get into the competition of the beer league, wouldnt he be better off just playing pick up? Am I just being an A hole? How do I approach this?
I hate this as well. And it has nothing to do with having fun or competitiveness. It has to do with playing team hockey and spreading the ice time. And nothing screws up all the lines like one guy deciding to stay out way longer than the rest of his line mates. Solve it by telling the guy to 'skate and GTFO the ice' or go find another team. The teams I've played on have solved this problem quickly by multiple people jumping on the guy about it. Doesn't matter if you're the best or worst player. Take your shift and get off.

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