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05-26-2012, 08:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
The 2013 Rangers will be fighting for a 6/7/8 seed IF Savior doesn't get off his ass anf make some significant upgrades to a seriously flawed lineup choke full of playoff underachievers!
Wow, you're more negative than I am. While with the difficulty of this division they may be fighting for 6/7/8 and they are flawed, no doubt. What the hell does them being playoff underachievers has to do with their REGULAR SEASON seeding? Your logic is impeccable. Or did you just throw in the playoff underachiever bit to further insult the team, if the rest of your post wasn't insult enough? I've bashed this team plenty, but they're a young team that no one expected higher than a 6th seed or more than maybe if they're lucky a win of 1 round. They finished first and went to the ECF.

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