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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Problem is that when you start comparing Martin to what we had...was it that hard to be better than any of those guys? I mean, for how many years have we had rookies after rookies? And then the great Bob Gainey coached that team. So saying Martin was the best we had, doesn't mean he was great. It means....he was the best we had. So the team took a nosedive....well again with another rookie, and a rookie who might not be as good as some thought he was. And then strangely, Martin had all the excuses in the world as far as injuries are concerned, yet Cunneyworth could not have used the same excuses?

Don't get me wrong. Martin was not as awful as some things he is. But to maybe think that you'd even go as far as re-hiring him back? Or just saying that he would be one of the best coaches in the league? Don't think so. Yet, if I'M another team....I would be tempted to give him a shot. Martin deserves another shot WAY MORE than Gauthier should.....again though....that's not necessarily a great thing to say for Jacques....
The debate will be endless and there are good points on both sides, but for me, you don't fire a coach 4 pts out of the playoff spot after a great run of wins ... and the team was looking like it was going to shape up. We went to the ECF with a team sitting 10th at the all star break 2 years ago, it had been done before ... Don't know what difference it made to put randy ... let martin coach through the season and see what happens. The evidence points out at letting martin finish the season. Now that hardly makes him a better coach than mr. x or Y , but there has to be some sympathy towards martin for working with who he worked and how. He made a lot of players better, and that includes A.kos and Carey price , by letting him on the bench watch halak. That's all hard decisions, hard paths to walk through ... and frankly I admire that he did what he did with the conviction that it was the best thing for the club - probably the very same thing that cost him his job - .

the way the team was put up by gauthier in the summer + the dumb camp with too many games in a row to make money instead of getting the roster to gel ... all that is hardly martin's fault and its what I think caused, for the most part, our poor start of the season.

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