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Originally Posted by heartsabres View Post
You are so oblivious to your own argument you proved yourself wrong.

Top defenceman plays with top forwards PERIOD.
uh... Sekera played with the same forwards as Ehrhoff...

Originally Posted by heartsabres View Post
you win games by scoring goals.

JAME you are starting an NHL team. Pick only one as your captain, leader and number one defenceman.
1 Sekera
2. Ehrhoff
3. Myers
correction : You win games by scoring more goals then the other team. Sekera's GF/GA differential was better then Ehrhoff's. And while Myers was the best, he just didn't do it under the more difficult circumstances. Myers did it with the pampered minutes.

not sure what "captain" has to do with this debate (its not really a debate, it's me presenting the facts, and you looking rather silly to everyone)

Originally Posted by heartsabres View Post
I am too tired to explain to Jame that the best defencemen in the NHL are also offensively gifted outside of Rod Langway and Sekera is no Langway. Can someone make a list?
you just looked at a list of Norris trophy winners didn't you if you are old enough to have watched Langway play... i'd be shocked (i never saw him play). if you are that old, and still have these amateur opinions about hockey... well... sorry there is no hope for you.

Chris Phillips, Anton Volchenkov, Tim Gleason, Braydon Coburn, Robyn Regehr, Vlasic, Lydman... i guess these guys aren't very good with their lack of offense...

Sekera scored 29 pts last year ... putting him in the same scoring range as McDonaugh and Girardi this year (i bet you aren't even aware how good those 2 are)

you might be surprised....
Sekera PTs per 60 ES = 0.64
Among other defensemen who see top QOC...that .60 is Better than/or close to:
Phaneuf : .72
Gorges : .63
Girardi : .54
Boychuk : .67
Suter : .74
Jaybo : .60
Gleason : .63
Michalek : .62
Lydman : .63

Ask Vancouver if Ehrhoff was their #1 defensemen last year. He led them in pts (50+), he got the most minutes, the most shifts... he would meet all your criteria for a #1 defensemen.... meanwhile, all intelligent hockey fans know that Hamhuis-Bieksa was their #1... not Ehrhoff or Edler.

Hamhuis-Bieksa is the top pair, Edler-Ehrhoff was the "offensive" 2nd pair.

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