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05-26-2012, 11:18 PM
Fixing Rangers PP
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Originally Posted by Fire Sather View Post
Thats fair enough about the young team winning the cup, but it really is a lost oppurtunity.

It takes a bit of luck to get through two 7 game series.. It takes a bit of luck to be the best team in the league with the low-scoring style we play. I don't know, maybe luck isn't the word but things like that don't happen every year. We could improve our team and still not have as much success as we did this season, thats just how sports work.

The way we won Game 5 against Wash. Just alot of little things throughout the year that went right for us really made it feel like this was our chance.

With the style we play and avoiding the injury bug for the most part this past season.. just a couple of pucks in the wrong spot and guys could be on the shelf..

So many things could happen. God forbid we lose Lundqvist for a period of time next season. You just never know.

You can build up the team with great young players and prospects, and have a good core but a couple things go wrong and we lose in the first round next year.

One more point is that it will be interesting to see how this team handles some real expectations next season. Defending Eastern Conference champs in the regular season are gunna have the expectations to repeat, how do they play as a known top team?
That, or maybe we are the real deal and this time next year we're getting ready for the Cup Final.
It is amazing...You know when they you need "a bit of luck" to go along with other things to win it all.

We got that luck at a pivotal time in that game 5...In game 5 and 6 we came back to tie the Devils, but lady luck gave the bounce the Devils way. Thats the point though...we all suffer through it, can this Rangers team be motivated and hungry enough to know they are now CONTENDERS and expected to win it all

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