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05-27-2012, 01:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Colorado Rockies '76 View Post
The New York Post...there's a reputable publication. That's where lots of people go for accurate, hard-hitting news. Please.

Nope, thanks to 3 Cups and what will now be the Devils' FIFTH SCF appearance since '94, I got past '94 a long time ago...for the Devils, it was a necessary stepping stone to bigger and better things...but I can see why you haven't. Must suck to know that your team has to blow its wad to recruit another teams' dynasty to buy itself a Cup. What have they done since? Two ECF appearances since '94, with a combined 3-8 record in those series. Awesome stuff. Go ahead, keep up the mickey taunts...I'm sure attendance, parking lot, and Debbie quips can't be far behind.
You know, for someone who's "over" it, you sure spend a decent amount of time here discussing it...

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