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05-27-2012, 01:28 AM
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Originally Posted by mark11 View Post
see i don't get how fans can feel this way, that goal sucked, in fact i sat there for around 30-60 min just sitting on the floor, just a blank stare at the tv not even concentrating on what i was watching, but the next day i think i felt better, and the sens beat them helped out, then the ducks winning it felt better knowing we probably never won anyways

but this lose, this deep, with a real legit chance to our rivals, the sting seems to last longer for me, this is on a whole new level even compared to the drury goal
I honestly don't think we were going to beat the Kings. I don't think we lost a chance to win the cup this year. The Drury goal hurt because we had a sure win taken away from us. Though that Brad Richards chance drives me crazy whenever I think of it. It's like everyone on this team lost any chance to score a semi-skilled goal once the playoffs hit, except Kreider. At least when forwards are concerned. The D has looked like they have way more skill than our forwards. All Richards had to do was lift it. No, of course he channels his inner Rupp and shot it right into Brodeur. Hell even Rupp in OT against the Caps lifted the puck and would have scored if not for Boyle. Richards' hands completely turned into stone on that. That's the only thing that pisses me off. Otherwise I'm over it. I'm surprised. But I'm over it.

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