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05-27-2012, 01:37 AM
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I was REALLY down from the time the game ended until about 6pm today. I went to bed last night thinking I'd just sleep on it and by morning I would just have this "Oh well...Get em next year" kinda feeling. Didnt happen, I pretty much just walked around all day shaking my head and sulking. Then I went out, played some hockey and felt a little better. My expectations going into this year(and pretty much every year) weren't exactly sky high. I'm extremely proud of the team. To be honest, the main feeling I have right now is just excitment for next season. Im not going to sit here and say we're shoe-ins for the Cup, not at all. But I just think next years team is going to be leaps and bounds better than this team...

Honestly, for me the loss wasn't the worst part. WHO we lost to is what was killing me...I live right in the thick of Devil country, and the majority of my friends are Devils fans. I just don't want to hear the garbage from them. I just hope the Kings destroy them and that Richards and Carter have a great series(Cant believe I just said that), just to make Philly look silly for dumping the both of them

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