Thread: Speculation: Toronto's goaltending situation
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05-27-2012, 03:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Socratic Method Man View Post
That... is interesting to say the least - Sharks and Nucks trade a star for star at positions of need and the Leafs get a reliable goalie and the Sharks get a big winger.

Are you a fan of one of these teams?
I'm a Canucks fan till the end, but I also consider myself a fan of hockey.

The Sharks would get reliable solid goaltending with some international experience win a couple of his new Sharks teammates.
Leafs grab a young Cup winning goalie, on a cheaper shorter contract, still only spend around 6 million on goaltending, and spend a winger where Leafs have some depth.
Also forgot to mention the Sharks are in need to get quicker, while still being good offensively, and Kuli I think would excel with Pavelski. Does have a 30 goal season, so fit Kuli got back to that, it would be only 10 less than Marleau offers with a 3 million savings.

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