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Originally Posted by heartsabres View Post
dude you really dont know how to read stats....points per 60 minutes means squat, if you play less minutes it allows you to have less points but at then end of the day it does not matter points per 60 it matters points for how many minutes you actually play. if you play 10 minutes a game and scored 25 points for the season your points per 60 will seem like you are Bobby Orr. BUT if you take a player who plays 22 minuters per game and scores 48 points he will have a lower points per 60. You will end up with the wrong player. JAME you would take the 25 point player based on his points per 60?

In theory I understand what you are trying to say but players stats are based on TOI
this is what counts

by the way i watched Langway play(i even had his rookie card) and you should not be shocked because you are missing something your stats dont show....HEART, DRIVE, CLUTCH, CHEMISTRY, LEADERSHIP, PHYSICAL PLAY
can you show me where those stats are?
Scott Stevens.....I dont care what is corsi is and it shouldnt matter I draw my conclusions based on ON ICE PLAY.

this is not MONEYBALL when they hand out the Norris trophy the ones I bolded count most.

I am not going to slander you like you do me, they are great tools but you cannot play moneyball with the game hockey, you will lose, there is more to a player, like the bolded. Everyone slagged on Satan because he scored goals when it did not count but Drury scores goals when it counts. Where is this stat?

EDIT, curious can you show me Brad Marsh´s stats? He made it 16 years in the NHL on heart alone.
I don't think any of us disagree with you that there is more to a player than stats. However, the only tenuous argument I can string together from your posts is that you think Ehrhoff is better because he had more points than Sekera (stats, cough) and because he dropped the gloves this season once or twice.

However, you're not arguing what Jame is saying (or showing you), you're simply arguing around his arguments, and in some cases, deliberately contradicting statistics.

No, stats never tell the whole story, but when you look at them with a reasoned eye, they don't lie either.

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