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05-27-2012, 10:06 AM
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Originally Posted by therealkoho View Post
and there was a time early in the negotiation that they weren't close, he didn't at any point that I know of say they wouldn't get a deal done

and that my friend is a huge difference

and for the record the Leafs are not interested in Vincent Lecavalier and apparently Vincent Lecavalier has no interest in leaving Tampa

Stevie Y has come out and said he is no longer/not interested in Luongo(and not interested in shopping Lacavalier "around"........hmmm wonder why he said that?) and Gillis has said he has no interest in acquiring a huge contract in return.............what would that say to any of you, consider the 2 principles involved and who they are and how many "huge" contracts do the Lightning have currently

could some one name those contracts? oh and provide links please because I'm sure there are people somewhere in the universe who don't know
That's just the thing wrong with this whole conjecture - Yzerman hasn't mentioned Vinny's name at all recently. When Yzerman said he would not be trading Vinny (and that Vinny was a part of the team's core and future going forward), it was when he first became GM of the team.

So there is no "link" between Luongo and Lecavalier, other than what writers/reporters are making.

That is not Yzerman.

Yzerman is not interested in Luongo's contract as he has said (and to be factual, he had no point said he ever was). He has NEVER said anything about Vinny in any discussion about Luongo.

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