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05-27-2012, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
I have no idea, I have never heard about him.

STOP insulting KHL if you dont know rules! Pls quote appropriate KHL rule.

Another thing. He signed NHL contract, but does it mean contract was valid when KHL draft took place? What do NHL rules say? Maybe he sign contract, but contract is valid since 1.july 2012.. not? Tell me more about NHL rules. Important thing is that he will play SM Liiga next season. Take it into account.

You came to this thread to troll, you have no argument to support your words. Give me them! "Saying he signed NHL contract" means NOTHING for me from legal point of view. If you gave me proof, I would support your view but no proofs on table, no discussion, just trolling.
Holy hissy fit, Batman! Hakanpää's contract was announced on Monday so of course it's valid.

It was Finnish posters (who work and live in Russia and follow their "hometown's" teams) at that noted the rule about not drafting players with an NHL contract. Take it up with the team that drafted Hakanpää, don't start hating on people that caught them for their carelessness.

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