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Originally Posted by bathroomSTAAL View Post
Whats a chav
Originally Posted by KaylaJ View Post
Yeah, I'm confused too. What is wrong with the hat?

Plus for all the talk about the annoying fan base, I remember wanting to strangle Pens fans back in 08 & 09 myself.
I was being a smart-ass mostly (although I won't root for the Kings) but there were helpful links and background provided. Chav is a derogatory term for drunken, hooligan yoots in the UK who have illegitimate kids by the time they're 14. (Their girlfriends -who are often grandmothers by age 30- are known as chavettes.)

Richards is a punk and has a similar dresscode at times so I had to make his crimes known.

There's just no way I'm rooting for Richards, Carter and Penner. Plus someone once said Doughty is fat and I believe them.

I dislike the Devils as a rival but I like the character on their team and their coach better than I like the Kings or Sutter (who appears to be perpetually stoned / drunk based on speech patterns). Plus LA is the biggest bandwagon town in hockey potentially. The idea that they'd try to do a Winter Classic on Venice Beach (what one of their reporters was saying on NHL tonight the other day) is a laugh-and-half. If you can't see your breath, they shouldn't hold the Winter Classic there. The end. This isn't a gimmick; it's supposed to be building a tradition that harkens back the roots of the game, playing on open ice in the great white north.... EH! Least the league can do is never hold it in S California or Florida.

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