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05-27-2012, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by habfaninvictoria View Post
Russia always has players at or near the top of the talent pool. The problem, historically, and there is more than enough evidence to support this, is that their high end players are more interested in personal goals than team ones. Unless they're given star treatment they threaten to bolt for the KHL. Part of it is their agents fault and there were rumors of Russian mafia, but in the end, Russians are risky to draft. Of the ones we drafted (lets leave Kovalev out of it) how many didn't become a distraction or problem of some sort... I don't disagree with how Martin treated Sergei. I do disagree with how PG and BG dealt with it, he was a distraction yes, but to give away an RFA with that much talent for nothing is inexcusable.

DO NOT WANT SEMIN.... or any other Russians for that matter.

Semin was one of the Caps best forwards in the playoffs this year. If anything he's been working harder than Ovi.

The thing is, Russians rarely grow up dreaming of playing in the NHL. A few love it, but for most, it's about the money. Other Europeans are different in that they are exposed to the NHL more, and their own leagues won't pay them as well as the KHL, so even role players have financial incentives to try North America.

The Habs record with Russians is no more mixed than it is with Canadians or Americans. Why do we have most of our scouts in the US after David Fischer, and now Kristo staying an extra year in college when it may stall his development?

Yes you have to be careful with Russians, for one most will get significant offers from the KHL (can you really blame some for wanting to go home if they will get paid as much or more?), second there is some adaptation issues as most start learning English at a later age than other Europeans (but even this is a generalization that isn't always true).

Russians generally enjoy Montreal for what it's worth. Markov was one of our best draft picks. Kovalev, for all his issues, had the second best seasons of his career in Montreal. Most of the biggest disappointments were Russians drafted or signed in the late 90s and early 00s when the Habs scouting was terrible across the world, not just in Russia.

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