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05-27-2012, 12:30 PM
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В случае отказа Хоккеиста заключить Контракт с воспитавшим его Клубом, использовавшим преимущественный выбор, Хоккеист лишается права выступать в соревнованиях КХЛ, ВХЛ, МХЛ до того года, в котором ему исполняется 29 лет.
If guy, who is protected by his club, refuses to sign contract, he CAN NOT play KHL, VHL, MHL until year he is 29
Interesting rule. It is case of Grigorenko and CSKA. I am not sure if отказ/refusal must be done summer after draft or until he is 22 (rights expire). Any idea? Club HAS TO offer contract to protected kid until 1.8. of year draft (in Grigo case it was last summer and CSKA did it, he refused).

This rule above is really important.. because if russian kid is not protected (Tolchinstky, Zadorov), he can refuse contract, play VHL or MHL until he is 22 (rights expire) and then SIGN with whoever in KHL. Grigorenko case is another, CSKA will lost right when he is 22 but he CAN NOT sign in KHL until he is 29 (even with CSKA). Of course, it is my interpretation.... I can be wrong. Therefore I ask you.

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