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05-27-2012, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Maineice11 View Post
I won't be watching the a rangers fan, im a hockey fan, after this season/playoffs with the way the officiating and suspensions have been and no respect of the nhl coming out and apologizing for at this time i am NOT a fan of the NHL...i even have no problem with the most radical idea of a bunch of teams leaving the nhl and starting up their own league to fix this problem and all the quick impulse rule changes to fix problems with injuries that lead to different injuries and screwup the game more...the NHL will have to win me back as a why give the NHL and NBC ratings...

now i need to start playing hockey again, been a few years, but now i need it lol
I'm with you.

I also firmly believe that if New York (the Ranger fans) shut the Final off and it did like a .7 in NYC, you'd see some changes in the way the Rangers were treated by the league. Very few fans of other teams actually watch the NHL after their team gets eliminated. Ranger fans have ALWAYS continued to support the game even after the Blueshirts have been eliminated. I honestly believe the reason teams like Pittsburgh have been treated the way they have is because the league knows the ratings the Penguins pull in Pittsburgh, but also knows the ratings Pittsburgh gives the NHL when the Penguins aren't in the playoffs.

Ranger fans, if you want to be treated fairly next season, SHUT OFF THE FINALS!

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