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05-27-2012, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
I understand your point perfectly, and my example illustrates as much.

Not so fun when it's your team giving up a great young player for a lesser talent coming off a down year, based on a dubious "you simply have no idea how X will perform for your team", is it?

Like Kennedy not outperforming Skinner, it's a pretty safe bet based on history.

And "assets" don't simply make a team better, ipso facto. If Kulemin came over and kept performing to his current standard at his current cap hit, we would be a worse team because he'd be eating up money that could be put to better use in FA.

The dynasty Oilers had Gretzky and Messier. Would they have had a great chance to win Cups based on those two alone? Of course. This does not mean that the Oilers wouldn't want to retain the likes of Kurri, Coffey, Anderson, Fuhr, etc., because even though a team has a good chance to win with 2 fantastic players, it has a better chance to win with a great supporting cast.

This is a very basic concept.

Nah. Because they're players coming off down years, their cap hits are often exceeding their play, and they don't currently provide anything that can't be acquired in FA with the same money.

See, you can find 7 goal scorers for 2.3 mil per in FA, and you can find inconsistent physical defensemen for 3.6 mil per in FA too.

Know what you can't find in FA? A huge playoff-proven center with elite defense and who produced at a 65 point pace last year.

I wouldn't. Players, regardless of when they started in the NHL, often break out in their early-to-mid-20s.

Staal's defensive game just happened to be refined enough to earn him an NHL spot right off the bat

That's a straw man. Staal was on pace for 50 ES points this year playing with Dupuis and Sullivan. 45 ES points is a low-ball, all things considered.

There's little reason to think Staal couldn't put up ~50 ES points and ~15 PP points in another situation.

If not, then it's an easy no.
If Staal's stats get to be pro-rated Bolland's ought to be too. In 2010-2011 he was pro-rated for around 50 points. This year he was pro-rated for 40. He has the same issue as Staal in that our coach refuses to move him out of the third line center role because he's so good at it even though he could make for a good 2 Center. He put up 47 points in 2008-2009 and he has very excellent playoff stats (you call Staal a proven playoff warrior, but Bolland is as well. He has one more point in 24 less games.. isn't the big thing about Staal that he helps you win the Cup when the truth is in the playoffs throughout their career Bolland has played the same role as Staal has and done better at this point in their careers.

I'm not saying Bolland > Staal. Everything indicates that it'd be Bolland++ for Staal not the other way around. However, to act like Bolland can't come in and play the same role for the Penguins as Staal- a role in which he has excelled in at the highest stage as he helped bring Chicago its only Cup in the last 50 years is pure ignorance. Some Pittsburgh fans have concluded that a great third line center replacement + Top Winger Prospect

Here's what Hockeys Future had to say about Saad for those that don't like that he was a 2nd round pick a year ago..
"31. Brandon Saad-LW-Chicago Blackhawks. Height 6'2, Weight 211.
Brandon Saad plummeted to 43rd overall at the 2011 NHL Draft but was still able to make the Blackhawks' opening night roster with a revelatory training camp performance. He was dominant after returning to the OHL, where the versatile winger skated in all situations and was named the Saginaw Spirit's captain. He produced 1.73 points per game in an abbreviated junior season, amassing 34 goals, 42 assists in 44 games. Saad joined Team USA at the World Junior Championships, but struggled to produce along with the rest of the team against stiffer competition. At 6'1 and 202 pounds, Saad is strong on the puck and has a nose for the net. He has good speed and thinks the game well, allowing him to regularly find gaps in coverage in which to unleash his hard, accurate shot. In addition to two early regular season games, Saad also drew into Chicago's playoff line-up for two games after his junior season ended. He is all but assured to stick with the Blackhawks for the 2012-13 season."

So Saad addresses a major need for Pittsburgh to stay relevant (high upside winger prospect that can give them somebody to put next to Crosby or Malkin and be productive) who is NHL ready (or else why would he play in 2 playoff games and be considered "all but assured to stick with the Blackhawks for the 2012-13 season". And then throw in an additional mid-first round which will give Pittsburgh another big prospect for the system who will be able to come in and provide a cheap contract with potential for results as they lose depth due to re-signing Crosby/Malkin.

Keep in mind Bolland is signed for two years at a cheaper rate than Staal who is a pending UFA and will likely want a big payday and there is a very strong possibility will want a bigger role than being a 3C the rest of his career. Staal has a career high 50 points. You guys can't laud everyone else for speculations and then say that Staal is a 70 point first line center and for one year of him teams need to trade a package like the one that brought Richards in because you think Staal may be as good as him eventually. Richards was locked in forever at a good cap hit and possessed a much stronger and proven resume.

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