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05-27-2012, 12:24 PM
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Originally Posted by WarriorofTime View Post
There are not 29 teams that would be in a bidding war for Jordan Staal. Many teams don't have the need for another 2 center that would require them to spend significant assets to get him. Many other teams near the bottom of the standings aren't going to be seeking to trade significant assets for a guy who is a UFA after next year and will likely leave if their team isn't that good. It's actually a fairly narrow list of teams that would be willing to trade significant assets for Staal. I'm sure everyone would love him for free but he's obviously not being given away for just any package.
Well, of course it's a narrow list of teams that would enter a bidding war for Staal.

By the way, this whole 'he's a UFA after next year' thing is pure nonsense. Any GM looking to acquire him will know what it will take to resign him and whether Staal will play there long term before making a deal, and Staal will have every incentive to sign that deal right away (he'll be getting what he wants without having to worry about the impacts of the new CBA OR perhaps under-performing in an enhanced role on that team).

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