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05-27-2012, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by StormCast View Post
Nope, not right at all. Not to be a dick but you asked and set yourself up for this.

As I've stated before Staal is better overall than Bolland but the margin is not all that significant.

Staal's advantages: better goal scorer, more physical, better along the boards, better intrazone defender. slightly better on draws.

Bolland's advantages: better playmaker, better passer, better defender transition, steps up game in playoffs vs. regular season.

Didn't take any time looking at stats, which is your preferred method, but rather I base it on observation. One can always quibble with some of the conclusions but you are not one of those as you've already acknowledged you haven't seen enough of Bolland to offer a subjective opinion.

In the final analysis though, Chicago and Pittsburgh aren't great trade partners as the Hawks have more pressing needs elsewhere.
Wait, did you really just list "steps up game in playoffs" for Bolland and not for Staal? Uhhh WUT??

Also you put better playmaker and passer as two separate things? From the center position they're quite similar aspects of the game.

That breakdown is hilarious.

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