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Originally Posted by sbkbghockey View Post

I agree, it's not really cheating if there's other players with high skill level routinely playing. There's some rec leagues with a ton of talent, there's one near me with a bunch of Jr. A college, and ex AHL and even some ex NHL guys in it. Even if it's a top level men's league (A) they'll almost always be some ex jr and college players, ex minor pro players, or guys that could have played at those levels if they wanted to. On the other hand, if this is a D, C, or even B level league (some ex low jrs, ex good high school players) it might be close to cheating (although not technically if it's not in the rulebook).
If the team was down a goal and then the three ringers suddenly produced a hat-trick and they won because of it, I think it's pretty clear that they more-or-less changed the outcome of the game, and so I'd say that it's not really the best situation. Can't say I've ever heard of a league that doesn't have rules about this stuff.

I'd liken it to when a team's goalie is late coming out, and the ref makes them start the game with 6 skaters, knowing that the goalie will be there within a couple minutes. There's obviously no rule against going all out to score 10 goals before the keeper gets on the ice, but come on...

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