Thread: Confirmed with Link: Jamal Mayers re-signed to 1 yr extension
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05-27-2012, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by nds90 View Post

102 hits (with not a lot of ice time)
91 PIM

like i said, he knows his role and plays it well. and he's a fourth liner, it doesn't really matter if he puts up a lot points. that's what kane, toews, hossa, and sharp are for
that doesnt prove much of anything...the guy played 81 games this year, so your telling me as a 4th line grinder, the dude barely had a hit per game?? is that really what you want to use to justify his role?

if anything it proves my point, the guy isnt much of anything, and he rarely hits....Mike Ribeiro had nearly as many hits as him for Gods sake..

as for him not putting up points, yes it greatly matters...thats why the Devils are in the finals because of guys like Ryan Carter...and the Kings are in the finals because of guys like King and Lewis...these guys are contributing offensively and playing their role.

we had a team in 2010 that did this, our 4th line was better then many teams 3rd lines....thats why we won the cup, because of our overall depth, not just because of Toews, Kane, Sharp, or Hossa.

you cannot convince me this is a good thing when we bring back a guy who is well on his last legs, isnt as physical as he should be, and doesnt really fight anymore either... would rather have Asham or Crabb (not a fighter, but heck of a grinder and contributes) then Mayers...hands down.

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