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05-27-2012, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
Exactly. It's ridiculous to just assume this team will completely implode. For that to happen, Ike, the bullpen, etc. would all have to not improve and other bad things would have to occur. I don't see all that happening.
With the injuries they have been dealing with so far (Pelfrey, Bay, Tejada, Thole, Torres etc) it's kind of hard to believe that it hasn't happened yet, but I just think this is a young team that doesn't think about players being out and are just going out there and having fun playing baseball.

Nieuwenhuis has been a very good player for them as well. Like his attitude towards the game and he goes all out.

I also don't see the issue for the Mets pen except for Francisco possibly going Armando Benitez 2.0 on the team and the lack of another good LH arm. Ramirez has been solid. Parnell is finding his game. Byrdak is a monster. Rauch has been a good player. Acosta has had some dreadful performances and is too up and down for me, but when he is on, he pitches well. So you're looking at 1-2 guys that aren't ideal in spots, but everyone else is.

If this team is in contention come deadline, I'm expecting Sandy to make a move for another reliever, especially a lefty to bolster the bullpen.

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