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Originally Posted by jas View Post
So, Brooks isn't suggesting anything too over-the-top in terms of roster moves. Pursuing big tickets in the off-season is unlikely to Brooks, which would correspond to the Gorton interview with Cerny. I think the more imaginative posters here are going to be disappointed with this off-season. Again, get Schultz and RW who can play next to Stepan and Kreider, and I'm good to go with this squad.
i'm not expecting major changes but i'm also not sure i'm cool with just coming back with virtually the same team. there are several flaws and issues with the team that were problems all year, its not just all an overreaction to losing to nj

and yeah you can look at our lack of scoring and say that dubi will bounce back, plus kreider will have a big rookie year so then add another 20 from david jones and we are in great shape...but i remember saying the same thing last summer and arguing that if you replace drury's 1 goal with richards normal production and gaborik has a bounce back year we'll be fine offensively. well we got that added production from gaborik and richards and the overall offense didn't get any better cause of huge dropoffs from boyle, dubi, etc.

but the biggest question mark is do you REALLY trust a #1 line of hagelin-richards-gaborik to get the job done in the post season? obviously a better supporting cast would help them but are we really going to count on again that as the #1 line?

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